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About Us
As an extension of Noir Naturals, the Natural Soap Fundraising Program is our not-for-profit initiative, dedicated to helping the community. We firmly believe that life goes by far too quickly and sometimes we hold back on reaching for goals we want to achieve because something else must come first. Sometimes money is the issue and sometimes it’s time. We hope that our program will help you earn funds so you can reach goals sooner rather than later. When you select us as your fundraising partner, you help yourself and others.

Our History
Noir Naturals was created by Charles and Everyl-Ann with a dedication to simpler times and old ways. Their dedication to quality and invoking memories of days gone by is as evident today as it was in the beginning.
The Noir Naturals team grew. Charles and Everyl-Ann hired their first team member, our Social Media Marketer.
Many changes marked 2012, including the introduction of Noir Naturals' vegan-friendly Coconut Milk Soap. At the time, there were two varieties available, their signature Lavender and Kon Tiki, our bar with no added fragrance. The Natural Soap Fundraising Program launched in April 2012 and was designed for children. 
Noir Naturals added a fourth and fifth team member, making the trio a quintuplet. The Product Manufacturing Assistant assists with soap making, and the Trade Show Sales Representative promotes the Noir Naturals brand at trade shows.
The Natural Soap Fundraising program expanded and a dedicated website for the program launched. What started as a program for children's groups, schools, and clubs is now open to groups and individuals of all sizes and types. Over 20 varieties of handmade Goat's Milk Soap make up the soap line and new varieties are added each year.
We expanded the product selection available for fundraising from just soaps to our other Noir Naturals products. We added a fundraising catalog to incorporate offline fundraising sales.
We added a Fundraising Program Manager whose role is dedicated to working one on one with each Fundraiser Contact Person, to help maximize fundraiser and program success.



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